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c▓utely malnourished in 2017, including 185,000 children suffering from SAM who would need urgent, lifesaving support.That number could shoot up, even if the next rains due to▓ start in April come on time, and in f

ull.UNICEF and p▓artners have secured the pipeline of lifesaving su▓pplies through June and are implementing a massive scale up plan.UNICEF is working to extend the reach of both facility-based and mobile nut▓rition, water, sanitation and health services,▓ and has teams in the ha


rdest hit areas, working with local authorities, partners▓ and communities to treat and prevent malnutrition, acute watery diarrhoe (AWD) and cholera.UNICEF Somalia has raised its 2017 funding requirement from 66 million U.S.

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